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Classification of lighting power supplies


Lighting power supply is mainly divided into downlights, guide rail lights, panel lamp power supplies, line lights, three-proof lamp power supplies, downlight slow start power supplies, downlight switch three-stage color-changing power supplies, constant voltage light strip power supplies, constant voltage rainproof/outdoor power supplies, constant voltage waterproof power supplies.

Downlights: There are many downlights and spotlights on the market, all kinds of styles. Downlights are embedded and surface-mounted, there are styles that can be adjusted at angle, and there are styles that can be matched with tracks, and the industry has different sayings about what is a downlight, making consumers more confused. Peeling off the appearance to see the essence, the fundamental difference between downlights is: whether the effect of the light is floodlight or spotlight. This is also the most straightforward, industry-recognized definition, and the most informative for consumers.

Guide rail light: The luminaire is embedded in the guide rail, which can be moved, changed position and adjusted the light angle on the guide rail to achieve focused illumination of the target. It is commonly used in the exhibition hall and high-end commodity shelves, display windows and other places.

Panel light power supply: LED lamps There are two driving power modes, one is constant current power supply, this mode has high efficiency, PF value is as high as 0.95, cost-effective; the other is constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency and high cost. LED panel lights are widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, homes and other places with their good illumination uniformity, higher display, uniform and soft light, and comfortable characteristics, and have become a better product to replace the traditional grille lamp tray in the LED era. The structure of LED panel lights mainly includes frames, diffuser plates, light guide plates, lamp beads, drive power supplies, aluminum substrates and other components. LED panel lights are available in two categories: direct and side-emitted. The side light-emitting panel lamp has the advantages of light weight and thin body, convenient installation and transportation, etc., and the disadvantage is that it is easy to emit uneven light; The advantages of direct panel lights are sufficient brightness and cost control, but the disadvantages are that glare is inevitable, there are dark areas, the lamp body is thick, and the transportation and installation are relatively inconvenient. The price of side-illuminated LED panel lights is relatively expensive compared to the direct price, because the technology of side-illuminated LED panel lights is relatively complex, which is determined by the side-illuminated product structure, and the side-illuminated LED panel lights are more complex than the direct technology and process, which leads to product yield and product uniformity are more difficult to control.


Line light: Line lamp is a flexible decorative lamp, the lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy beautiful and strong, because it is named like a line when it emits light. The line light has 2 kinds of power supply: transformer (AC) and switching power supply (DC), the outer surface of the transformer is very black and heavy, and the pure copper coil winding inside it; The outer surface of the switching power supply is gray and light, switching power supply AC220V input, DC24V/12V output for monochrome and full-color outer space line lights; The transformer is AC220V input, AC24V output is used for colorful internal control; Connect the power supply to the large female end, the wiring method is: brown positive blue negative, do not connect the reverse.

Three-proof lamp power supply: The three-proof lamp uses special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion raw materials and silicone rubber sealing rings to protect the safety requirements of lighting fixtures. The three anti-lamps refer to: waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion these three protections.

Customarily, due to the different lighting equipment natural environment use regulations, may stipulate waterproof, dustproof, corrosion-proof, flameproof type, etc., but not every lighting fixture can have this kind of role, we are accustomed to having at least three functions especially in lighting equipment: three-proof lamp, is to adapt to the fluorescent lamp tube of the three-proof lamp called three-proof lamp fixed bracket.

  Dustproof: In the purification workshop, if there are cleaning requirements, the lighting fixtures must be dustproof;

  Flameproof type: for example, in the warehouse and other areas, there are many flammable and explosive materials, the lighting fixtures should have flameproof type;

  Anti-corrosion: For example, outdoor lamp places, often subject to rainfall and other wipers, require lighting fixtures to be waterproof.


Downlight slow start power: Most electronic systems now support hot-swap function, the so-called hot-swap, that is, when the system is working normally, the live pair of system ... The impact of hot plugging on the system mainly has two aspects: First, when hot-plugging, the mechanical contacts of the connector will bounce at the moment of contact, causing power oscillation, as shown in the figure below: this oscillation process will cause the system power supply to fall, causing bit errors, or system restart, may also cause the connector to ignite, causing fire.

Three-stage color-changing power supply for downlights: dual-power supply two-stage means that the dual power supply has only two stations, that is, one station for common electricity and one station for standby electricity. The three-stage type means that in addition to the two stations of common electricity and backup electricity, an intermediate position is also used. Generally, the two-stage type is only available at the PC level, and the CB level generally has three stations. The middle position gives a buffer time to the impact generated during the switching process, which is conducive to arc extinguishing and ensures the safety of switching! The CB level is generally a three-stage type with a protection function, that is, the large-load or short-circuit circuit switch switch action is switched to the middle position, and the two power supplies are powe  red off at the same time, so that the dual power supply violates its own function.

Constant voltage light strip power supply: light strip power supply for simple and easy control (such as RGB dimming, etc.), generally 12V or 24V constant voltage, plus for the segmentation operation of the light strip, that is, can be used truncated, so make a standard 12V power supply, sampling is constant voltage source + current limiting resistor + LED mode. The constant voltage method can also drive the LED, but it cannot accurately provide the required operating current: too large will affect its life, too small will reduce the brightness. Whether the LED is connected in series or parallel, the better driving method is: isolated power supply + constant current circuit.