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Why do the prices of switching power supplies vary greatly in the market ?


Someone always asks me why there are more than ten switching power supplies with the same wattage in the market, as well as forty to fifty and seventy to eighty. Is there such a big difference? Today, I will give a special topic to explain it.

You should have heard the word "recycled material". All the materials in it can be bought, including second-hand materials and electrolytic capacitor brand second-hand materials. These safety devices MOS transistor schottky have everything you want. I can't guarantee that there won't be any problems when buying new materials. We need a well-established team to strictly control them. How do you know what kind of high-pressure impact or process it went through on the previous product for second-hand materials.

There is a significant difference between new and second-hand materials, which may not be visible to professionals, including this type of transformer. The magnetic cores include 35, 40, 44, and 95, which cannot be seen by the transformer manufacturer. Copper wire has alloy wire and aluminum wire with three layers of edge bonding wire. The tin we use is the same. The entire system of Botu is lead-free tin, and there are many types of lead tin in that industry. Tin with lead can also be classified according to its temperature resistance and various grades. Tin with lead has high lead content and oxidizes quickly. In addition, its price is more than twice that of lead-free tin.

Secondly, there are also people who have manually used small tin stoves. The lead-free wave soldering we choose requires 200000 yuan for each furnace to add tin, and the electricity cost is several hundred yuan per hour. Professional technicians are also needed for maintenance and upkeep. The thickness difference between PCB and copper foil is even greater, and the positioning of the product. The so-called power is the output power.

Too many colleagues talk about input power, but customers don't know how to use it, and too many people will reduce conversion efficiency and increase input power. Customers don't know how to measure it, right? Hey, there are too many things that you can't see, let alone calculate. How do you choose? It's very simple. If the after-sales quality doesn't matter and you use it yourself, then choose a cheaper one. It doesn't matter if it breaks down. Replace it or buy another one, right? But then again, don't have too much illusions about this. If there are problems with the batch, how can he compensate you? Because the price and profit are here, it's impossible for him to sell the house to compensate you? If it's a high-end project with quality requirements, as the saying goes, you can save anything, don't save power. After using it for two years, it's okay, but suddenly there's a batch problem, and there are many cases where you've been working for nothing for several years.