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What are the classifications of LED power supplies?


By drive mode

(1) Constant current type

(2) Stabilized voltage type

(3) Pulse drive

(4) AC drive

According to circuit structure

(1) Resistance and capacitor voltage reduction method: By reducing the voltage through the capacitor, during flashing use, due to the effect of charging and discharging, the instantaneous current passing through the LED is extremely high, which is easy to damage the chip. Vulnerable to voltage fluctuations in the power grid, resulting in low power efficiency and reliability.

(2) Resistance voltage reduction method: By reducing voltage through resistance, it is greatly affected by changes in grid voltage, making it difficult to make a stable power supply. The voltage reduction resistor consumes a large part of energy, so this power supply method has low power efficiency and low system reliability.

(3) Conventional transformer voltage reduction method: The power supply is small in size, heavy in weight, and has low power efficiency, usually only 45% to 60%, so it is rarely used and has low reliability.

(4) Electronic transformer voltage reduction method: The power efficiency is low, and the voltage range is not wide, usually 180-240V, with large ripple interference.

(5) RCC voltage reduction mode switching power supply: The voltage stabilization range is relatively wide, the power efficiency is relatively high, and can generally achieve 70% to 80%, which is also widely used. Due to the discontinuous oscillation frequency of this control method, the switching frequency is not easy to control, and the load voltage ripple coefficient is also relatively large, resulting in poor adaptability to abnormal loads.

(6) PWM control mode switching power supply: mainly composed of four parts: input rectification and filtering part, output rectification and filtering part, PWM voltage stabilization control part, and switching energy conversion part.

The drive power supply can be divided into external power supply and internal power supply according to the installation position.

(1) External power supply

As the name suggests, an external power supply is the installation of a power supply outside. Generally, if the voltage is relatively high and poses a safety hazard to people, an external power supply is required. The difference from the built-in power supply is that the power supply is equipped with a casing, commonly known as a street light.

(2) Built-in power supply

It means installing the power supply inside the lamp, usually with a relatively low voltage ranging from 12V to 24V, which poses no safety hazards to people. This common bulb lamp.